Customer service

bioMérieux’s customer relationship with labs and healthcare professionals

How can we help you?

At bioMérieux we put customer needs first.

To provide you with the highest level of customer service, training and support we have 2 dedicated teams to answer your ever day questions and needs:

  • Local Subsidiary teams
  • Global Customer Service (GCS)

Every bioMérieux subsidiary and distributor has its own Local Customer Service to ensure support is close at hand. Our objective is to ensure you receive first class personalized service regardless of your geographical location.

These local teams can rely on global level teams (2nd level support), which have an international vision of the in vitro diagnostics market, for extra support when required on instruments, reagents, information technology and service solutions.

Customers backed by a solid Customer Service Process

Each subsidiary and distributor has an extensive portfolio of products and solutions to offer you. They take into account specific country needs while benefiting from an international vision of the market. As your partner, our objective is to answer your key daily challenges and help simplify your daily workload.

Global Customer Service (GCS)

GCS has 4 main missions:

  • Provide second level technical support (hotline and in the field) to local subsidiaries/distributors
  • Train subsidiaries and distributors to deliver quality customer product and solution training courses worldwide
  • Aid in representing the voice of the customer in product development projects
  • Actively contribute to the development of customer added value services

Per year an average of 2,000 employees and distributors from over 100 countries were trained (products) representing more than 60 000 hours of training.

Contact your local subsidiary to see how they can help you.

Our Commitment to You

bioMérieux is committed to offering first class products and services to labs and healthcare professionals worldwide. By optimizing your working conditions we help ensure you provide rapid patient management and care.

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