Products/Services by speciality

Looking for a product or service but don’t know the name? Then search by field. bioMérieux's instruments, reagents, software and services have been designed to boost your lab performance and provide the right result, at the right time to the right person.

  • Immunoassay
    Based on an antigen/antibody reaction, immunoassay tests make it possible to detect infectious agents and quantify specific biomarkers. VIDAS®, bioNexia® and VIKIA® are our main range names in this field. 
  • Microbiology
    As world microbiology leader, we understand the challenges microbiology labs face, e.g. growing antibiotic resistance. VITEK®, VITEK® MS, Previ® Isola, Previ® Color Gram, chromID® are just some of the ranges covering the detection, identification and susceptibility testing of microorganisms. 
  • Molecular Diagnostics
    Our molecular biology solutions cover extraction, amplification and detection. Technology now even enables us to take a syndromic approach and provide multiplex testing. Argene®, NucliSENS® easyMag, NucliSENS® easyQ, DiversiLab®, Filmarray™ are the main range names covering this domain.
  • Performance Management
    Technology is only part of getting the most out of your lab – Processes and People are also 2 essential parts of the puzzle. Working in partnership with you, we have a wide range of solutions to get your lab where you need to be.  
  • Lab Automation
    This field is being increasingly important faced with today’s lab efficiency challenges. bioMérieux offers products/solutions to cover the need for ever faster results at lower costs while manage increasing workloads – see what we have to offer!  
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