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MYLA® –  IT Performance Management Solutions

Connect to improved patient care with MYLA® - the intelligent, integrated IT solution specialized for the microbiology lab.

  • Enhanced instrument and IT systems connectivity links all your instruments and LIS
  • Optimize the management of microbiology workflow
  • All the information you need at your fingertips
  • Provide the right information to the right people at the right time
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Your lab faces ever-increasing challenges in today’s competitive environment: higher workloads, stricter compliance measures, and the pressure to maintain quality and fast time to results while keeping costs down. It boils down to being expected to do more with less. Optimizing your IT integration is a critical solution and bioMérieux is ready to help you do that with Myla®, an innovative, integrated software solution designed especially for the microbiology lab.

How does Myla® impact patient care? Take the example of hospital-acquired infections (HAI). HAI is a key pressure on health-care systems today, heavily impacting patient care and financial burden. In fact, a 2011 WHO report estimated HAI-associated costs at € 7 billion in Europe annually*. In the case of a potential outbreak, fast, informed decisions are critical. IT integration in the microbiology lab means technicians can deliver key information to clinicians faster. With complete and efficient information flow, hospitals and public health officials can initiate coordinated, effective responses that reduce patient morbidity and mortality and keep costs down.

*Report on the burden of endemic health care-associated infection worldwide. 2011. http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2011/9789241501507_eng.pdf


Get enhanced connectivity: transform data into information

Myla® offers a single software solution to manage multiple instruments and multiple LIS through a unified interface. The right information is easily accessible and flows quickly and securely to those who need it. You keep the lab running optimally and can deliver complete, reliable information to clinicians supporting patient-care decisions.

  • Collect, consolidate & transmit results in real-time for faster time-to-result & rapid reporting
  • Monitor network with real-time status alerts & alarms for all connected systems
    • Improve data security
    • Optimize instrument up-time
  • Get a single LIS connection point to bioMérieux instruments & optionally with other legacy laboratory systems
  • Web-based technology offers easy interface & secure and multi-concurrent user access

Streamlined workflow: recapture time and better use resources

By centralizing administrative operations and streamlining information flow, Myla® frees up time to allow microbiology lab personnel focus on activity that makes best use of their expertise. Test results that are critical to better patient care are accessed and transmitted to clinicians faster. Myla®’s “control tower” dashboards help you gain a comprehensive view and better control of your microbiology testing process to help streamline workflow.

  • An integral part of bioMérieux’s Full Microbiology Lab Automation (FMLA®) services
  • Real-time overview of all connected instruments, anywhere, anytime
  • User-focused active dashboards, provide real-time workload & “to-do” lists
  • Simultaneous remote access to VITEK® 2 & VITEK MS for rapid reporting of ID and AST results
  • Continuous remote notification of positive blood cultures & other critical events
  • Notification of major workflow issues and delayed test processing steps
  • Real-time visibility of process & quality indicators
  • Guidance for test processing decisions


Information management: take information availability to the next level

Recapture time spent on information reporting activities through automated, intelligent information consolidation and deliver an actionable, comprehensive picture to rapidly impact patient management.

  • Information at your fingertips: anywhere, anytime, including mobile devices
    • Graphical representation of specimen workflow always visible
    • Remote alerting of critical events and automated display of trending bacterial resistance
    • Consolidated patient information always accessible to aid in better patient care decisions
  • Monitor and track critical testing processes:
    • Blood Culture contamination
    • Multi-Drug Resistant Organism
  • Statistics and trend reporting:
    • Intuitive information selection
    • Scheduled reports to PUSH the right information to right people at the right time



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