• LyfoCults Plus Quality Control Microorganisms

LyfoCults® Plus Quality Control Microorganisms

Easy-to-use quality control organisms (ATTC* licensed strains)

LyfoCults® Plus QC microorganisms are ATCC*-derived products which are endorsed by  ATCC®. LyfoCults® Plus contain stabilized, lyophilized, viable microorganisms that are pre-packaged and ready-for use.

LyfoCults Plus are convenient sets of recommended QC organisms for use with VITEK® 2 cards, as well as api®, ID 32 and ATB™ strips.

*ATCC = American Type Culture Collection

LyfoCults Plus QC Microorganism Advantages


  • The all-in-one system design is easy-to-use and enables the storage, hydration and inoculation of QC strains.
  • It requires no additional hydration fluid or external inoculation device making it fast and simple to use.


  • Glass-free: user-protection is an integral part of LyfoCults Plus
  • Complete traceability: the pre-printed label provided with each microorganism can be transferred to the culture medium to be inoculated.


Rehydration and inoculation takes less than 5 minutes:

  • Strain hydration is immediate by squeezing the ampoule to introduce the rehydration fluid
  • No need for pre-incubation
  • Inoculator device included
  • Minimum hands-on time

LyfoCults Plus Certificate of Quality


ATCC Licensed Derivative Program (LDP) Guarantee

ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) is the world’s leading reference organization with over 80 years of experience in the acquisition, authentication, production, preservation development and distribution of reference organisms.

The ATCC Licensed Derivative Emblem, the ATCC Licensed Derivative word mark, and the ATCC catalog marks are trademarks of ATCC. bioMérieux, Inc. is licensed to use these trademarks and to sell products derived from ATCC® cultures.

As a proud member of the ATCC Licensed Derivative Program, bioMérieux agrees to maintain the integrity of the organisms and verify their quality (identity, purity and viability).


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