• bioART™


Reporting software for VITEK® 2

Simplify your workflow using the advanced reporting VITEK® 2 PC Software

  • Review results faster
  • Eliminate manual report modification
  • Expedite critical results reporting
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Standardizing Rapid Reporting

bioMérieux Advanced Reporting Tool – called bioART – provides laboratories with the power of customization in reporting to maximize efficiency. The rules-based logic system simplifies laboratory workflow, communication and reporting. bioART helps ensure your capacity to deliver timely, relevant microbiological results to support the best patient care.

Ease of use:

  • Minimal set-up time with click and select options
  • Eliminate manual report modification
  • Review results faster to free up time for other tasks
  • Scan quickly for critical results needing your expertise
  • Helps implement your lab reporting policies

Easy, clear reporting:

  • Automatically transfer results to the Laboratory Information System (LIS) or MYLA®
  • Expedite critical results reporting via customized !Alerts
  • Improve standardization by implementing your laboratory’s testing procedures with bioART comments

Customize bioART intelligence in a few easy clicks

bioART is extremely versatile and can be customized to fit your daily microbiology lab needs. Just preprogram your own set of result review rules using intuitive if/then logic:



- AES Findings are …
- Antibiotic is…
- Resistance Mechanism is…
- Test is (e.g. cefoxitin screen) is…
- Card type is…Bench name is…
- Specimen Type is…
- Physician Name is…
-...and MORE!

- Automatically transfer results to (LIS/MYLA®) in “Real Time”
- Stop for Review
- Add Alert
- Add Internal Comment
- Add External Comment (LIS/MYLA®)
- Suppress Antibiotic from Reporting
- Suppress antibiotic from Analysis



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