• BacT/ALERT: Rare Organism Club

BacT/ALERT®: Rare Organism Club

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  • Customers who isolate rare organisms from BacT/ALERT® culture bottles help other customers by contributing to the ROC database
  • Going strong for 18+ years with more than 360 organisms
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Scientists are curious people by definition. When you have a mystery on your hands, you want to follow it right to the end. If you recover a rare organism and submit it to the bioMérieux Rare Organism Club (ROC), you have the opportunity to help others who may also ask if that organism can be recovered from the BacT/ALERT® culture bottles. Thanks to your ROC submission, laboratories will access valuable information, including time to detection and media type, so they can have peace of mind knowing that our high performance media is able to isolate the rare organism.

A unique resource for BacT/ALERT® customers

For more than 18 years, the bioMérieux Rare Organism Club (ROC) has been a resource for our BacT/ALERT® customers who recover unusual pathogens from BacT/ALERT® culture bottles. The ROC list provides details on over 360 rare organisms found and submitted by other clinical laboratories like you. We encourage you to contact us to add – free of charge – this useful resource to your training and information repertoire. Information about organisms on the list includes:

  • Organism name
  • Time to detection
  • Date of detection
  • Media type

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Submission to the ROC is entirely voluntary. When you submit an unusual organism and it is accepted for the ROC database, you will receive a ROC Certificate. Please fill out the form below  or contact a bioMérieux Microbiology Customer Support Representative. 
We look forward to your submissions!


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Global Customer Service - GCS K5 BacT/ALERT® Attn: Rare Organism Club
bioMérieux, Inc. 100 Rodolphe Street
Durham, North Carolina USA 27712
Fax: 919-479-3683
Email: gcs_microbiology@biomerieux.com


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